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Тристана / Tristana Benito Perez Galdos

У нас вы можете скачать книгу Тристана / Tristana Benito Perez Galdos в fb2, txt, PDF, EPUB, doc, rtf, jar, djvu, lrf!

Si fuera un libro largo no creo que lo hubiese terminado. Both aspire to much more in the world. Tristana wants to taste some of the new freedoms available to women, wants a career as an actor or a painter. And she wants the love of Horacio, a local artist. And he wants Tristana. How the gallant in decline wins his lady becomes a kind of folktale about the ends, sometimes monstrous, some will employ to achieve love. Oct 20, Miquel Reina rated it really liked it Shelves: Tristana is one of the most famous classic novels of Spanish literature.

I have read a lot of modern Portuguese and Spanish authors through her pen, but never anything from an earlier era. So perfectly does she capture the perfumed, slightly fusty cadence of late 19th-century literature, that it would be almost i The Marvelous Margaret Jull Costa Before saying anything about this particular book, I want to raise my hat to the marvelous translator Margaret Jull Costa.

So perfectly does she capture the perfumed, slightly fusty cadence of late 19th-century literature, that it would be almost impossible to see this as the work of a writer working in the present day: Captivated by such determination, Horacio became more loving with each day that passed, his love reinforced with admiration.

Her exuberant imagination awoke in him new mental energies; the sphere of his ideas grew larger, and so infectious was that powerful combination of strong feelings and deep thoughts that together they reached new heights, experienced a tempestuous intoxication of the senses, filled with daringly utopian moments, both social and erotic. Note the characteristic word order "awoke in him" and "together they reached" , and even more the big words "tempestuous intoxication" that seem to promise much but in fact say very little.

This is the language of a late-romantic writer portraying two people whose need to act out an ideal of passion may be stronger than the passion itself. Kudos, too, to the wonderful NYRB press, not only for bringing out this lesser-known work, but also for their choice of the cover image, a period painting that suggests a strikingly modern approach to its female subject, yet leaves her ultimately shrouded in shadows. Which is exactly what I might say of the novel.

After spending much of his money helping an old friend and his wife through hard times, he assumes guardianship of their daughter when both parents die. And before long, takes her to his bed. The story proper starts when Tristana begins to break her bonds, falling in love with a young painter, and finding unexpected talents in herself. The first half of the novel promises a paean to feminism and free love.

But the flowery language that Jull Costa captures so well becomes overblown and curdles. We end up liking Tristana a lot less, and conversely thinking more of her erstwhile guardian. But in my mouth, it left a slightly nasty taste. Too late; it already has! View all 5 comments. One had no alternative but to call him Don Lope. Some of the measures he takes to hang onto the shadow of his vigour are laughable. The age of this excellent gentleman, in terms of the figure he gave whenever the subject came up, was a number as impossible to verify as the time on a broken clock, whose hands refuse to move.

He had stuck fast at forty-nine, as if an instinctive terror of the number fifty had halted him on the much feared boundary of the half century. As a result, her resentment and desire for freedom grows, and then she meets Horacio, a young painter who understands her plight….

A section of the novel takes the form of an epistolary as mushy love letters pass back and forth between Tristana and Horacio. At this juncture the novel lost some of its momentum, and yet at the same time, these letters were essential to question the nature and authenticity of love while showing how the three characters inhabit necessary roles for each other.

In this parable of power, self-deceit and ego, who will emerge the victor? And what will victory look like? Tres cosas dicen que pueden ser las mujeres: Ella no quiere casarse, ni depender del sueldo de nadie: May 21, Kapuss rated it it was amazing. May 23, Gina rated it it was amazing Shelves: A brilliant, cutting edge, richly textured, historically relevant, compelling melodrama from the Naturalist movement in late 19th century Spanish literature.

Before I was done with this almost slight-seeming story the writing had described the frivolous heights of romantic love, ambiguous sexual morality, self-deception, and the mutability of identity within grimly transformative forces of health and time. The story of Tristana, Heracio, and Don Lope is complex and ultimately provocative, remaining of its time, but insisting on its relevance in ours.

In fact, this book is surprisingly almost modern in its sensibilities. The novel is not sardonic, however. Apr 18, J. You also realize that Galdos is a phenomenal writer, an Iberian Dickens or Zola. Sadly, many of the shitload of books he wrote have never been translated or are hard to find.

This one is pretty accessible and I must recommend it. The relationship between the characters, however, is intriguing. I think women will especially love this novella because of the feminist ideas it extols-for the most part. Benito Galdos creates a character in Tristana, who, despite what everyone tells her, despises the idea of marriage and simply wants to be free.

Galdos leaves a lot to the reader for interpretation. Is Don Lope good or bad? Was it chance that Tristana suffered, or more than that? All these questions are left unanswered and can really be off-putting. Depending on how the questions are answered, readers reaction to this book will be wildly different. Y es que D. Lope y Tristana forman parte de los grandes personajes de la novela del XIX: Y ambos precipitados hacia ese final castrante que aboca al conformismo.

Jun 04, Melissa rated it it was ok Shelves: I made it a little more than half way through this book and just could not finish. The characters were overly melodramatic to the point of being ridiculous. After more than half the book nothing really happens except that Tristana complains about being under the thumb of her tyrant.

And Tristana and her new lover exchange all sorts of promises of eternal love. The narrative was both rambling and redundant. The Yahoo Club Ladies. Dopo aver letto il libro ho quindi rivisto il film, per confrontare le due opere che, su piani diversi, possono essere sicuramente considerati dei capolavori. Tre sono i personaggi chiave del romanzo: Alla fine del romanzo sposa in chiesa Tristana avviandosi alla fine della vita avendo rinnegato tutti i suoi principi.

Aug 25, Araceli. Sulle intermittenze delle relazioni amorose. Nel giro di due o tre mesi si credette come al Vangelo che la signorina fosse nipote di quel gran signore. Ma ben presto, diffondendosi con rapidi Sulle intermittenze delle relazioni amorose. I loved his style: Some say that Perez Galdos is the best spanish writer after Cervantes. All I can say is that I find Perez Galdos easier than Cervantes; because he writes about human facts that anyone of us share anytime in our lives.

This novel is easy to read; and since it is very short; you can read it in one time. It is worth to spend time in such entertaining reading. Mi ignorancia crasa solo puede ser superada por mi ignorancia crasa!. Un autor del siglo XIX; con un estilo fresco; divertido y ligero. Es divertido; es relativamente sencillo de comprender; y se deja leer de manera hilvanada. Tal vez solo son seres humanos con las mismas preguntas y las mismas inquietudes que todos nosotros.

Vale la pena invertir unos minutos en una lectura tan entretenida. May 04, Maritza Buendia rated it really liked it. La novela relata la vida de tres personajes principales y como la enfermedad de Tristana cambia sus destinos.

Jun 17, Deny rated it really liked it Shelves: Първа среща с испанския класик Бенито Перес Галдос. Той е привърженик на реализма, което много ме изненада, и всъщност време два от неговите романи "Тристана" включително са филмирани от големия режисьор сюрреалист Луис Бунюел. Сравняват го също така със Сервантес и Юго. Той наистина е силно повлиян от тях без да е изгбули индивидуалния си стил. Що се отнася до Бунюел, той използва повода отново да поразсъждава над любимата си тема - религията.

Главната героиня е сираче, отгледано от обедняващ и застаряващ идалго, който на всичкото отгоре я е превърнал в своя любовница. Без да става въпрос за физически тормоз, той упражнява над нея една изтънчена даже родителска тирания, пресичайки й всички възможни пътища към свобода и независимост. А тя точно това иска и запознанството й с младия художник Орасио освобождава изстрелва душата й в невъобразим полет и изважда на повърхността неподозирани творчески заложби, които смайват и двамата мъже белязали живота й.

Тристана лети толкова високо, че в един момент и идалгото, който малко напомня на Дон Кихот, и художникът Орасио се оказват неспособни да я следват. И двамата изглеждат консервирани, обикновени и дребни хора с големи претенции на фона на възможностите и мечтите на Тристана.

Драмата й обаче се превръща в трагедия, когато крехкото тяло я предава и в последствие успява малко по малко да сломи и силния дух и да й отнеме порива към възвишеното изкуство. Романът е написан на прекрасен и богат език, характерен за миналия век. Преводът на български е изненадващо добър - изданието е на "Персей". Това не е книга с прости изречения и елементарна пряка реч.

Думите подготвят мисълта за обратите и още преди сюжетът да се е развил достатъчно. May 12, Nella Fantasia rated it liked it.

Mar 10, Marie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I absolutely loved this. The irony was perfect, and probably the best of it. The final could be completely predictable, but the point of it all is to discover how the transformation happens, more than anything the critique of the romanticism is what keeps the story alive and I absolutely loved this. Иллюстрации к книге Benito Galdos - Tristana. Рецензии и отзывы на книгу Tristana. Напишите отзыв и получите до рублей Оставьте заявку на рецензии заявок: Новые рецензии Дата Рейтинг Tatiana Sheehan Все отзывы и рецензии 2.

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Пособие по чтению 1 рец. Если вы обнаружили ошибку в описании книги " Tristana " автор Galdos Benito Perez , пишите об этом в сообщении об ошибке. Поэзия и проза на языке оригинала и в переводе. У вас пока нет сообщений! Рукоделие Домоводство Естественные науки Информационные технологии История. Исторические науки Книги для родителей Коллекционирование Красота. Искусство Медицина и здоровье Охота. Собирательство Педагогика Психология Публицистика Развлечения.

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